If you're connecting to the university WiFi on campus using a Windows Laptop/Desktop, you'll need to install the wireless profile.

Step One: To do so on the device in question, first connect to the wireless network PointParkWebLogon this will open up a webpage, do not input your login information on this page

Step Two: Instead, navigate to the link https://www.pointpark.edu/wifisetup Going to this link should run an automatic download of the file pointparkwifisetup.exe

Step Three: Before running the file, you'll need to disconnect from PointParkWebLogon, simply right click on the network and click "forget."

Step Four: Once disconnected, You’ll need to run the downloaded file pointparkwifisetup.exe, if you don’t see the file, check your downloads folder.

Run the file, you will need to click through two separate prompts, and then you’ll be prompted to connect to the correct network, PointPark802.1X.

Step Five: Input your PPU email address (do not include the @pointpark.edu) and password, click connect. If successful, you will not be prompted to reconnect every time you come to campus, instead the connection should establish automatically.


If you are unable to connect or it does not connect down the road, then your password may be expired, it can be reset here: https://passwordreset.microsoftonline.com/

If you need additional support, please contact the IT Help Desk by sending an email to helpdesk@pointpark.edu or calling 412 392 3494