NOTE: This is the other way to get the WIFI driver if the student or guest cannot install from a flash drive. It's good to know this way sometimes if a user's laptop USB ports are not working.

NOTE: You have to be connected to a network connection whether it is Ethernet or WIFI. You can also navigate to this web page by going to, searching in the search box "wifi", and then clicking the first link. 

Step One: Download Point Park’s Wireless Profile.

Connect to WebLogon, but don’t sign in. To the right of the sign-on screen, you’ll see a link that says, “Click here


Click on “here” and it will bring you to this page:


Click on the link “Setup Utility” and follow the prompts to download Point Park’s wireless profile.

 Step Two: Access your wireless networks and select “PointPark802.1X “

Step Three: Use your Point Park email username and password to log onto PointPark802.1X